ASCM Wisconsin Fox Valley February Virtual PDM

February 25, 2021
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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Web based presentations


The February PDM will be a virtual meeting due to COVID-19 and CDC Guidelines restricting the size of gatherings


Microsoft Teams Link will be sent day prior to PDM


Presentation Topic

The Journey to Digital Transformation, Practical Steps to Get Started in Your Organization


Presentation Summary


Many of today’s most successful supply chains are ones that have executed a digitization of information processes. Digital information unlocks game changing benefits that we’ve recently grown accustomed to such as 2-day online delivery and order visibility.  Digital transformation has quickly become a popular buzzword in supply chain management, a term that everyone understands as important for the future. Unfortunately, many struggle to get started with this concept, facing an immense resistance to change and a lack of leadership support.


In this presentation, Marcus and Justin will compare and contrast companies that are data-driven and those that are not, introduce the 6 stages of Digital Transformation, provide a set of practical steps to get started in your organization as well as some roadblocks that you’re likely to encounter, and tie it all together with a case study.


Meet our Speakers


Justin Wilcox CPIM

Justin is currently a Senior Material Planning Analyst at Cirrus Aircraft in Duluth, MN with a focus on process improvement including the development of supply chain process tools and the transformation from push to pull systems. Prior to joining Cirrus, Justin worked at Oshkosh Corporation where he helped to implement a global Plan for Every Part (PFEP) strategy. Justin has been active in APICS since 2015 and achieved CPIM certification in 2017. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in Operations & Supply Chain Management from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Operations Management degree from the University of Arkansas. Justin is also the co-founder and co-host of The Strongest Link Supply Chain Podcast, a podcast dedicated to exploring supply chain concepts through current events, knowledgeable guests, and humorous stories.


Marcus Bugni, CPIM

Marcus is a Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Andersen Corporation and Co-Host of The Strongest Link Supply Chain Podcast. He believes the supply chain of the future is scientific, data-driven, and people-oriented. The path to success involves educated, critical-thinking supply chain individuals and a digitally transformed supply chain. Much of Marcus’s daily work is in the early stages of digital transformation: reducing the reliance on manual data manipulation (Excel isn’t all good!), physical information, broken processes, and “gut feeling” decision making.



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