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April 2021 Print

The Beacon Newsletter

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Greetings from the

ASCM Fox Valley Forum!


Please join us for our April

Professional Development Meeting (PDM) 


Tuesday, April 20, 2021


This PDM will be a virtual meeting due to COVID-19.

A Microsoft Teams link will be sent via email on the day prior to the PDM.

Presentation begins at 6:00pm


Presentation Topic

We will learn about truckload capacity in the transporation industry and what transportation companies are doing about it. We will dive into driver supply and market and what the outlook is for the transportation industry from the point of view of a carrier.


Meet our Speaker


Wes Kornowske

Vice President of Operations and aspiring Professional Driver


What Drives Wes? Setting the tone for personal and professional success.

Throughout his life, Wes Kornowske has made it a point to be a strong, optimistic 'lead by example' type of person, working hard to accomplish any task that’s presented to him. That mindset has led to his current role as the Vice President of Operations for all of Paper Transport, Inc.’s truckload teams, comprised of 900 plus team members. He likes to build up the people around him to pave the way for success and that’s the approach he takes on a daily basis at Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI).

When he looks at his team, he immediately sees the opportunity to maximize their potential and continually looks for ways to make their jobs easier. This may include process improvement, innovation, and automated workflows. He understands that in order for PTI to take advantage of its growth opportunities through the addition of new customers, assets, and freight hauling possibilities, they need to be at the top of their game. He will do whatever it takes to help get them there.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (BS in Political Science/Public Administration) and Northern Illinois (Masters in Public Administration), Wes also is a Licensed Customs Broker #32608 and began his career working for the Village of North Aurora. During his time there, he rose through the ranks to become its Village Administrator before coming to PTI.


Please be sure to register by Friday, April 16th!!!



$0.00 - This ASCM Fox Valley Forum Virtual PDM is FREE of charge!



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President's Report

Hello, fellow ASCM Fox Valley Forum members!

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

We had a great meeting on March 18th.  Shawn Batka joined us from the Chicago area giving a great presentation about reshoring production from China.  Such a timely presentation given the impact that COVID-19 has made to supply chains all over the world.

It's election and member survey time!  Elections will again be held using a third-party survey tool in April.  These activities are very important to the organization and its leaders and we really need your participation.  Didn’t get your nomination in yet but you are interested in helping to lead the forum?  Send me an e-mail and let’s talk.  My contact information is below.  Leading the forum is a great way to build your network and build skills/gain experiences in a safe learning environment.  Please be on the lookout for e-mails with instructions and survey links. 

Included in the elections is a request for member approval to some changes to our forum’s by-laws.  By-laws are really the rules by which this forum conducts business.  With the ASCM changes that impacted our chapter, changing it to a forum, updates to our by-laws were necessary.  The board of directors reviewed and proposed changes to accommodate the shift from APICS chapter to ASCM forum and we now need member approval to make it official.  Please take a moment now to review the changes so you are prepared at the election time (starting April 1st).  You can review the proposed by-law changes by clicking HERE.

Our April virtual event brings us another very timely topic.  On Tuesday, April 20th, Wes Kornowske, Vice President of Operations at Paper Transport, Inc., will be joining us to discuss truckload capacity in the industry.  This is an issue that has been impacting my company and I’m sure it’s impacted many others as well.  Wes will be diving into driver supply and market and what the outlook is for the transportation industry from the view point of a carrier.  As a customer, I’m really excited to hear the perspective of the carrier.  Join me for this virtual event by registering HERE!

A reminder about CPIM:

ASCM recently conducted a job task analysis and found that the focus of supply chain roles is shifting from supporting basic execution of tasks to managing and understanding key elements of planning and response.  As a result, the organization is changing the meaning of CPIM from Certified in Production and Inventory Management to Certified in Planning and Inventory Management.  Personally, I think this may make the certification more appealing to those in the service industry and those working in roles not directly related to a company’s internal manufacturing area.  This change is effective February 25, 2021.  If you have any questions about this change, please reach out using my contact information below.

A reminder of our ongoing transition:

You should have received e-mails announcing the transition of the APICS Fox Valley Chapter to the ASCM Fox Valley Forum.  We’ve also made a few mentions of this in the Beacon and at our PDMs.  ASCM made the decision to change the North American chapter structure and as a result, our APICS chapter will transition to an ASCM Professional Forum.  What does this mean for you?  Other than a new name and logo, not much will change.  In the new structure, chapters will be able to hold their own APICS training and certification review classes, but forums will not.  Most APICS Chapters run their own certification classes and have someone from their board of directors or someone from their membership teach classes.  For most chapters transitioning from a chapter to a forum, there will be a sizeable change in the way they conduct business.  This is different from the way our chapter has been operating.  Our chapter has had Fox Valley Technical College manage the APICS training and certification review needs for our chapter for over 20 years and, as we transition into an ASCM Forum we plan to continue our relationship with FVTC for APICS training and certification needs.  The same team that has been dedicated to leading the APICS Fox Valley Chapter will be leading the ASCM Fox Valley Forum.  In short, for our chapter, not much will be changing beyond our logo and name.  We received our new logo in February and you’ll start to see it in our communications, but we are still waiting to have our website updated.  We’d been advised that our website should be updated for us by April but we have not yet been made aware of the date.  These items are being updated by the ASCM organization so please be patient as we work through the transitions.

I look forward to seeing you online for our April PDM on Tuesday, April 20th!

Take Care,


Jody Suess, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP
President 2020-2021
ASCM Fox Valley Forum
[email protected]


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Volunteers Needed

The ASCM Fox Valley Forum is looking for people interested in volunteering for the Board of Directors.  

Board meetings are held monthly on the first Thursday of the month beginning at 5:45pm.  

We would be happy to have some new hands on deck!

If you  are interested, please reach out to any of the board members.  You can find their information here:


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Notice of Meeting for Members


Note: This organization does business under the name ASCM Fox Valley Forum.


Notice for Meeting of Members

Of American Production & Inventory Control Society,

Fox Valley Chapter, Inc.


A meeting of the Members of the American Production & Inventory Control Society, Fox Valley Chapter, Inc. would normally be scheduled for April of 2021.

Historically, the purpose of the meeting was to announce the results of the election of officers for the next program year along with the results of votes related to the approval of any changes made to our chapter by-laws and articles of incorporation.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the meeting will not be held in person, but an announcement will be made on the chapter website and in the chapter’s newsletter.  A virtual professional development meeting (PDM) is still being planned for April.

Elections for the 2021-2022 program year will be conducted through a third-party online survey tool.  Voting will open on Thursday, April 1st and will close on Sunday, April 11th.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (920) 420-1331.

Dated:  February 20, 2021

Jody Suess, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP

President, ASCM Fox Valley Forum


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Welcome New Members

The ASCM Fox Valley Forum would like to welcome the following new members:  


No new members this month


Do you know someone who would benefit from being involved with ASCM?  Encourage them to join by using the following link: Join ASCM!


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Demand Driven Institute


Demand Driven Institute’s (DDI) Demand Driven Planner (DDP)™
Instructor-Supported Online Classes with
Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)

Introductory course fee of $1,095 Per Person
(Class without the Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning Book)

Introductory course fee of $1,160 Per Person
(Class includes the Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning eBook)

Watch the FVTC website for additional start dates and registration deadlines

Register at: and click on Register Now!

• The DDP™ Instructor-Supported Online course is non-refundable and non-transferable once the materials have been ordered, and/or welcome letters have been emailed.
• The official course textbook Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning V3 (Ptak and Smith, Industrial Press, 2019) is required for this online course in eBook or printed textbook.
• If you already have the book, or chose to purchase the printed book on your own, get a $65 discount on the price of the online course when enrolling into the Class Number without Book.
• One Class + One exam to earn your Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™ designation.
• Instructor assigned for 8 weeks to help you prepare for the DDPP™ exam.
• FVTC reserves the right to cancel and/or delay the class start date if class enrollment minimums are not met by the Last day to Register date listed above. Enrolled students will be notified and offered a refund, or a transfer to a later start date as desired.
• For more information on the Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™ certification exam, see

If you need assistance email us at [email protected], or call (920) 993-5150.

Note: The Demand Driven Institute (DDI) is the global authority on Demand Driven education, training, certification, & compliance. Their web site ( is always your best source for the current information. If you have questions please e-mail [email protected].

Demand Driven Planner and Demand Driven Planner Professional are trademarks of the Demand Driven Institute, all rights reserved.



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Professional Development Meeting & Tour Schedule

 The ASCM Fox Valley Forum holds monthly Professional Development Meetings (PDMs) September through April. A tentative listing of these activities is posted below.

 At each meeting a presentation will give insight into a current operations management topic. This becomes your opportunity to stay ahead of the competition by learning about new and emerging trends in your field and how to improve your company’s operational performance. In addition, the meetings offer an opportunity to network with other operations management professionals.

 The mission of the ASCM Fox Valley Forum is to be the area’s leading provider of quality learning and networking opportunities that enable our members to be leaders in the management of resources in manufacturing and service industries.

 We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

  ASCM Fox Valley Forum 2020 - 2021

PDM Meeting Schedule

More PDM Events Coming Soon!

Watch your inbox for details

Please note that all events are dependent on current COVID-19 restrictions

Please also visit the forum website at for more information!

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PDM Suggestion



Have a suggestion for a PDM speaker, tour, or topic?

Email your suggestion to [email protected]




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CPIM Interest List


Got ?

If not, consider signing up for a certification review course!

Click here to put your name on an interest list for CPIM Part 1. 


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Become a recognized expert in the logistics, transportation and distribution fields. Certification demonstrates in-depth knowledge of a broad range of topics to set you apart from your colleagues — proving your high level of knowledge and skills. You'll be a more valuable asset to your organization, keeping you and your organization more competitive in today’s global economy.

Why you should earn the CLTD designation

Gain recognition in the field as a logistics expert

  • Build credibility and set yourself apart from peers
  • Learn latest trends in global supply chain logistics
  • Impact your organization's bottom line
  • Demonstrate logistics mastery of knowledge


Class Schedule / Information

Classes will only be held if required registration numbers are met. 

Click here to add your name to the prospective student list or email our VP of Professional Development at [email protected]  to let us know.

To learn more about the CLTD certification click here.


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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Classroom Course

APICS CSCP education is essential if you are interested in:

  • increasing your knowledge and expertise in the field of global supply chain management
  • facilitating supply chain functions or working with ERP systems
  • creating common frameworks within your company to address your supply chain challenges and opportunities

An APICS CSCP designation will help you:

  • master the necessary tools to effectively manage global supply chain activities, including suppliers, plans, distributors, and customers around the globe
  • acquire the skills you need to create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology, and corporate communication
  • understand how to leverage technology to improve the entire supply chain process
  • increase your professional value and secure your future

 Class Schedule / Information

Classes will only be held if required registration numbers are met. Click here to add your name to the prospective student list or email our VP of Professional Development at [email protected] to let us know.

To learn more about the CSCP certification click here.


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Message from the Board

There may come a time when unforseen events force us to cancel an event.

Please read the following for details of our cancellation policy:



ASCM Fox Valley Forum Cancellation Policy

Procedure for Notification

If the ASCM Fox Valley Forum decides to cancel an event, notification will proceed as follows:

  1. Decision and notification will occur a minimum of 4 hours prior to the start of the event.
  2. VP Communication will send email notification of cancellation to all members registered to attend the event.
  3. VP Communication will post notification of cancellation on the home page of the chapter’s website at

Refund Policy

Every attempt will be made to reschedule an event that has been cancelled.  When this happens, all monies paid will go toward attendance on the rescheduled date.

If the ASCM Fox Valley Forum is unable to reschedule the event, refunds will be given in full.


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